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Regionale Suchmaschinenoptimierung in Erlangen Forchheim N├╝rnberg und Bamberg
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grep doubt
18 1179
Can sed match a choice of two?
8 1970
Comparing Files
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Match a field and move data on the line above...
7 896
Produce a human-readable report from /etc/sudoers
3 2849
Matching Previous and Append with Sed / Awk
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Windows 1252 to iso-8859-1 without iconv or recode?
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xml diff and patch in shell script:
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To which group belongs "root"? Adding new user with root privileges?
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Filtering chars with sed
7 1082
Reading from a file
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printf "hi/000"|egrep hi #why no STDERR output
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Remote Shell Execution Problem
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sed replace match exactly word
6 1046 charter
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read command not waiting at pause prompt
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access history from another shell session
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how to test if a file is more than one hour old in ksh
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