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#1: Re: How to Configure Satellite Modem for Firewall (XP SP2)

Posted on 2005-03-21 17:26:59 by Charles Newman

"Lynn Q" <> wrote in message
> Hi there,
> I have a DirecPC USB Satellite Receiver which I want to work with any
> firewall. My Dial-Up Modem works fine with a firewall, but the satellite
> modem is a problem. I have checked with many sources on how to configure
> it, all without success.
> So, anyone out there able to assist here? With XP SP2 on the horizon, and
> after visiting the Windows Update website, and discovering that the modem
> locks up the system entirely when the firewall is ENabled, I need to know
> how to set it up to work with a firewall.
> Any recommendations would also be appreciated on which firewall might work
> best with this modem. Just so you know, I have to use my dial-up
> connection
> modem to connect to the satellite modem which then gives me my access to
> internet, mail, etc.
> Thanks so much. Hoping for assistance here...
> Lynn

THe first thing is to dump your hardware firewall
(if that is what you are using), and use a PFW
solution, such as Tiny.

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