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#1: VS 2005 - MSSQL EXPRESS Form Authentication Problem

Posted on 2005-12-20 06:07:02 by mohammed

Form authentication works great on my laptop localhost however when I upload
the form to IIS dev server login fails even with the right userid and
password. My connection strings are fine and my remote aspnetdb.mdf has the
correct data. What am I missing?

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#2: RE: VS 2005 - MSSQL EXPRESS Form Authentication Problem

Posted on 2006-03-09 05:06:28 by Peter

I'm having same problems. I changed my database to SQL just to make sure that
server is connecting to a known good source. After runing ASP.NET
Configuration on the lapton all credentials appear in SQL database. I can
login from my laptop but IIS on the server throws an error. All credentials
are good on the IIS Server(ASPNET and Network Service). Website serves
correctly and accesses SQL for all data as it should. I tested this on server
2000 & 2003 with SQL2000 on sepearte box - all results are same.
I was unable to find any literature on this matter. I know everybody else
must have same problems.

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