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#1: Free .Net data provider

Posted on 2006-07-31 10:22:43 by jms


here is information about a free, simple and effective data provider for
Web and windows Forms.

..Net DatabaseHandler 1.1 was developed in C# and it may be used both
with .Net 1.1 and 2.0 applications.

It allows a developer to use the same API for accessing Sql Server 2000,
SQL Server 2005, MSDE, MS Access and MySQL.

How to use it:

1) Add a reference in your project to DatabaseHandler.dll

2) Add the following "using" statement in the class where you want to
use the component:
# using DatabaseHandler;

3) Instantiate the provider:

# SQL Server:
Provider provider = new Provider("MS SQLServer", your connection string");

# MS Access:
Provider provider = new Provider("MS Access", "your connection string");

# MySQL:
Provider provider = new Provider("MySQL", "your connection string");

4) The following methods are available for use:

# int provider.GetIntValue(command);
# string provider.GetStringValue(command);
# bool provider.ExecuteNonQuery(command);
# object provider.GetDataReader(command);
# DataSet provider.GetDataSet(command);

Example for the GetDataReader method:

# MS SQLServer
SqlDataReaderreader = (SqlDataReader)provider.GetDataReader(command);

# MS Access
OleDbDataReader reader = (OleDbDataReader)provider.GetDataReader(command);
MySQLDataReader reader = (MySQLDataReader)provider.GetDataReader(command);

More info and download at:

I hope it helps!

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