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#1: select returning resuts in wrong order

Posted on 2006-08-21 17:15:25 by gsexton

I'm using PostgreSQL 8.0.8 with a database created using the UNICODE
encoding. The calendar table has a constraint

ALTER TABLE calendar ADD CONSTRAINT uq_calendr_name UNIQUE (name)

when I run this query:

select name from calendar order by name;

the results come back in the order shown below. I'm really not
understanding this. Why are the entries with periods or asterisks not
sorting to the top?

Akimel A-al Middle School
Altadena Middle School
Aprende Middle School
Brisas Elementary School
Centennial Middle School
Cerritos Elementary School
Cielo Elementary School
Colina Elementary School
.District Office Meeting/Event
Calendar Esperanza Elementary School
Estrella Elementary School
INT - CIE B-8 Lab
INT - CIE Library Lab
INT - KMS Computer Lab 103
INT - KMS Computer Lab EAST
INT - KMS Computer Lab NORTH
Kyrene Middle School
Lagos Elementary School
Lomas Elementary School
Manitas Elementary School
Mariposa Elementary School
.Middle School A/B Schedule
Milenio Elementary School
Mirada Elementary School
Monte Vista Elementary School
Ninos Elementary School
Norte Elementary School
* Official Kyrene School District Calendar 2005-2007
Paloma Elementary School
Pueblo Middle School
Sierra Elementary School
Sureno Elementary School
_Technology Services
Use of Facilities - Cielo
Waggoner Elementary School

George Sexton
MH Software, Inc. - Home of Connect Daily Web Calendar

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