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#1: Re: [RR] RE: Does perlapp have a problem with C:/Temp not there in

Posted on 2007-02-07 22:03:11 by Jan Dubois

On Wed, 7 Feb 2007 14:32:26 -0600, "David A. Gray" <>

>Thanks for posting the further clarification, which I
>omitted in the interest of brevity. Assuming that the PDK
>runs as a user mode application, it would see the "user"
>version to which Jan and I referred. However, I am aware of
>the "user" and "system" versions of TEMP and TMP, and that
>both can be seen through the GUI.

All applications should get the setting out of the process environment
and not poke in the registry to find some system settings or whatnot.

The system settings for TEMP are used for Windows services, as they
don't run under the interactive users credentials. This includes the
services created by PerlSvc.

There is a very good reason to have per-user TEMP directories, as that
can prevent race conditions in multi-user environments (Remote
Desktop/Terminal Services). Another reason for separate TEMP
directories are user access controls. If normal users can modify files
in the system TEMP directory, then it leaves system services open to
privilege escalation attacks.

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