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#1: Apache 2.0.59 with mod_ssl

Posted on 2007-03-15 12:20:31 by bittor.ruiz

Hi there,

I have installed Apache 2.0.59 from the sourcecode with the mod_jk
module, but no I have a problem since I want ( I need) to install the
mod_ssl module but I don't want to recompile or reinstall the whole
Apache. Is it possible to do so? Is there any way of compiling only the
module or to get it from a RPM or something like that. Maybe compiling
the whole Apache but without installing it and moving the
library to the aproppiate directory? I'm working with a RedHat Linux.
Thanks in advance. Any help or advice will be great. Thanks again,

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Apache Interface to OpenSSL (mod_ssl)
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