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#1: JOB: DBA - Passionate Technology Company in London (UK), CIty

Posted on 2007-08-18 22:14:40 by james benjamin

Hi List,

I work for a passionate mobile technology company in London. We need an Op=
en Source database administrator (Postgres or MySQL). The role is going to=
involve taking command of our entire database structure and the data held =
within. The role will combine elements of data architect too. The compan=
y love OpenSource :)=20

What can I tell you about the company? Well I would like to say that they =
are passionate about what they do. They are rapidly growing having recentl=
y moved to extremely amazing offices in London overlooking the River Thames=
.. They are far from formal - relaxed, technically very competent and gadge=
t-loving. They have a Nintendo Wii in the office that everyone can play, n=
ot just during lunch or on breaks - but when ever someone feels stressed or=
needs a break! THey also regularly have Wii Sport competitions too.

Feel free to e-mail me using jamesbenjamin AT linuxmail DOT org

Thanks James

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