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#1: Re: USB device that can send keystrokes?

Posted on 2008-03-31 23:39:46 by bealoid

Saqib Ali <> wrote in news:337f83df-f1a5-46af-848e-

> For some security testing, I am looking for a USB device that can send
> pre-programmed key strokes
> when plugged-into the USB port. Any suggestions?
> I want something that doesn't require a software/script to be loaded
> on the computer.
> Something along the lines of WiebeTech's MouseJiggler <
> >, where it just
> sends the mouse commands without loading any software.
> Or maybe a programmable keyboard that can send keystroke as soon as it
> is connected, without requiring any software/script to be loaded.
> Obviously this device would require a built-in processor and some
> memory.

something like "ghostscript" would fit the bill, no?

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