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#1: New module name?

Posted on 2008-04-03 01:37:23 by Colin von Heuring

Hey all,

I'm writing a Perl module to load, cache, and execute scripts on a Web
server, and I need help naming this beast. I'm thinking maybe "PGI -
Perl Gateway Interface" because it's very similar to CGI in intent.

Features I want to include, the combination of which is unique (I think):

Simple URI-to-file mapping that can still hide executable file
extensions (e.g., /admin/kill maps to /admin/
A persistent Perl instance that can cache scripts
Consistent, concise, Perlish names
Directory configurations (a la Apache's .htaccess)
General scalability and efficiency

Again, what I'm looking for is a module name, preferably within one of
the CPAN's existing top-level namespaces. (Parts of names are
acceptable as well.)

Thanks for taking a look.
-Colin vH

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