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#1: Re: DoD Harddrive Secure Erase Wipe

Posted on 2008-04-03 17:47:55 by Christoph Hanle

oktokie schrieb:
> DoD Harddrive Secure Erase Wipe
> I have a project which I need to DoD harddrives for the company. I
> have large raid-scsi enclosure which I can use.
> I have access Quad/Octa Xeon P4 servers with 3 dual channel LVE/SE
> ultra scsi 160 cards. With these, I would be able to drive 4 x 14 scsi
> drive (IBM EXP300 / 3531-1RU) units.
> What are my options?
Use commercial software, or search for a company, who wipes onsite.
Wiping of HDDs with a special standard is not only writing some pattern
onto the Disks. It also includes e.g. reporting of sucessfull /
unsucessfull wiping, detection of bad or remapped sectors, processing
these parts etc.

If you need more info or contacts, please PM to me, with indication of
your contry / address.

bye Christoph

> I need fastest solution available.
> Thanks.

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