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#1: Apache and Safari strange Digest Behavior

Posted on 2008-04-11 02:29:30 by joey



- Apache 2.2.4 on Windows 2000
- Safari 3.1 for Windows XP

I'm new to Apache so I am still learning.

I prepared it so use AuthType Digest using the example provided in the
docs but for entire site, not just a private folder:

<Location />
AuthType Digest
AuthName "SSI Research"
AuthDigestDomain /
AuthDigestProvider file
AuthUserFile /auth/.digest_pw
Require valid-user

Under Firefox 2.0, Internet Explorer 6.0 it is working as expected.

Under Safari 3.1 for Windows, it APPEARS to work until you look at the
access.log logs and what I am seeing after the login is a DOUBLE REQUEST
for each private resource.

In other words, when a private request is made, Safari will first send
it as an unauthorized request by not sending the Authorization header.
Apache sees this and issues a 401 with a new WWW-Authenticate: response
header and Safari will resent the quest with the authorization header.

So appearance way, it all looks ok, except for this double request behavior.

Is this normal DIGEST behavior? I don't think so.

Its a problem when you are in a public page which you might initiate the
login but requesting a private resource which would direct to the
private home page.

However under Safari, it sees the redirection and makes the request in
non-authorized mode, which the web server sees and redisplays the PUBLIC
home page instead again.

For example, using a C: client/user, S: server notation:

1 C: << user visits site

2 S: server requires authentication and redirects to:
/public/default.htm with there is a login "/LOGIN" button

3 C: /LOGIN is issued

4 S: Server sees /LOGIN as a private alias resource request and
issues a 401 with WWW-AUTHENTICATE digest response header.
It will also output cancelation html code if the user
clicks cancel.

5 C: Safari sees the DIGEST challenge and prompts the user
to login. The original /LOGIN request is reissued with
the authorization header.

6 S: Server sees /LOGIN as a private alias resource request and
also sees the authorization header. It is validated
and it now wants to redirect to /DEFAULT.HTM.

7 C: Sarafi sees the redirection but it will request it without
the DIGEST authorization header.

8 S: Servers sees the /LOGIN without any authorization header
and repeat step 4 again.

All other browsers will always send the authorization header with all
requests, including redirection responses by the server.

Whats the skinny here?



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#2: Re: Apache and Safari strange Digest Behavior

Posted on 2008-04-11 08:35:51 by unknown

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