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#1: libwww-perl-5.811

Posted on 2008-04-14 22:17:58 by gisle

I uploaded libwww-perl-5.811 to CPAN today with the following fixes:

Gisle Aas:
Avoid "used only once" warning for $Config::Config.
Make HTTP::Request::Common::PUT set Content-Length header [RT#34772]
Added the add_content_utf8 method to HTTP::Message.
Typo fix.
Retry syscalls when they fail with EINTR or EAGAIN [RT#34093,32356]
Allow HTTP::Content content that can be downgraded to bytes.

Gavin Peters:
HTML::Form does not recognise multiple select items with
same name [RT#18993]

Mark Stosberg:
Document how HTTP::Status codes correspond to the
classification functions [RT#20819]

Robert Stone:
Allow 100, 204, 304 responses to have content [RT#17907]

HTTP::Request::Common::POST suppressed filename="0" in
Content-Disposition [RT#18887]

Details about the individual patches to be found at



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