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#1: ANNOUNCE: Text::CSV_XS 0.42

Posted on 2008-04-16 15:49:54 by h.m.brand

file: $CPAN/authors/id/H/HM/HMBRAND/Text-CSV_XS-0.42.tgz
size: 86136 bytes
md5: 1cf4491f48965793f1e31fc74159f20f

We can do MAGIC now!

Dumping the content of a database ($dbh) table ($tbl) to CSV:

my $csv = Text::CSV_XS->new ({ binary => 1, eol => $/ });
open my $fh, ">", "$tbl.csv" or die "$tbl.csv: $!";
my $sth = $dbh->prepare ("select * from $tbl");
$csv->print ($fh, $sth->{NAME_lc});
while (my $row = $sth->fetch) {
$csv->print ($fh, $row);
close $fh;

2008-04-16 0.42 - H.Merijn Brand <>

* Generate META.yml myself. I won't use Build.PL
* Array-refs now accept scalars with magic:
$csv->print (*STDOUT, $sth->{NAME_lc});
* More/better examples
* Added t/76_magic.t

2008-04-11 0.41 - H.Merijn Brand <>

* error_diag () subclassable
* typo in bind_columns () docs
* examples/csv2xls now uses getline ()
* better test for getline in t/75_hashref.t (makamata)
* document return value of getline () with bind_columns ()
* add perl version prereq to META.yml

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