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#1: Solemn Papal Mass

Posted on 2008-04-17 16:21:09 by chilly8

X-No-Archive: Yes

Another event we are broadcasting that is taking the station
to listener capacity is the Papal Mass now taking place at
Nationals Stadium. Apparently there are enough people
in America of the Catholic Faith to pull in a lot of listeners
from a lot of office networks on the U.S. East Coast.

Lots of people are tuning in to the Papal Mass, from
their workplace PCs, and I am also seeing a lot of
connections coming in via php and CGI proxies,
incluidng many of the proxuy services that are avdertised
by several people here. So someone on your network
could be tuned in right now, to the Papal Mass in
Washington, via php or cgi proxies, or through the
subscription VPN services, and you would never
know what they were up to, only that they were
doing something via a proxy server. My public
VPN proxy has, at this time, all the IPs assigned
to me, by my ISP, all in use, as people tune
in via secure VPN network, to the Pope's mass,
and the boss in these workplaces will NEVER
know about it, becuase the heavy encryption
to my server. So if you see a lot of heavy encrypted
actitivy until around 12:00 PM Eastern, it will just
be your users listening to the Papal Mass at
nationals stadium.

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