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#1: Compare Filemaker 8 and 9

Posted on 2008-04-20 00:27:31 by Peter Sturges

We already have server 8 (we bought it and got a free downgrade to
Server 5 to match our FMP 6 databases), but now we have to udate the FMP
6 databases.

I'm pretty sure I can buy FMP 9 seats and get a downgrade to 8 (and so
not have to upgrade the server 8). Question - what are the key

I In the FMP 9 demo I loved the map lookup tab. Is it in 8?
2. I understand Server 8 has features that they parsed out of server 9
basic. What are they.
3. Generally, are the tabs available in 8?

Thank sos much, could save me $600.


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