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#1: Need direct navigation to a row in a BindingSource

Posted on 2008-04-23 00:47:01 by RafaelSoteldo

Hi there:

I need to get the position of a given DataRow to navigate directly to it
with a BindingSourceNavigator.

I have a BindingNavigator and several textboxes showing each field of
a given table.

I dragged the fields from the Data Sources window to the form in the designer.

As far as I know, the BindingSource lets you move first, next, to a
position..., so, what if I need to navigate directly to a row that has a
specific value in a field (for instance, "Carl" in the field "Name" in the
DataTable "People"). I suppose I should get the row position within the
DataTable, in order to set the BindingSource.Position and have the textboxes
show each piece of information.

Moreover, what if the DataSource is a DataView with filters set, how do I
get the position of that given row within this DataView?

Please, need help...

My best regards,

Rafael Soteldo

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