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#1: Not showing focus

Posted on 2008-04-24 20:55:54 by sheldonlg

I have a weird situation here. I have section of code that initially is
described by the class "aaa". That class is: {

The entire block is initially hidden and then made visible by clicking
on a button to do te operations desired. It show in the middle of the page.

Now for the problem. In this block there is a textarea input and a text
input. In both cases when you move the mouse over it, the indicator
changes from an arrow to an I-beam. This is what you would expect.
However, when I click into either one focus is not indicated (the solid
vertical line). I can type into these boxes and the input is accepted.

What could cause that vertical bar that indicates focus to not be shown?

This is part of a large proprietary application so I can't give a URL.
There are no other classes inside the block. I am asking if anyone has
come across something like this before and how they fixed it.

I have cross-posted to the javascript newsgroup in case there is a
javascript solution.

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