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#1: Mysqld died

Posted on 2009-01-11 06:53:39 by Rashed Albloushi

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My mysqld process died and I don't know exactly why, could you please help

This is waht I'm getting from resolve_stack_dump

0x81745b3 handle_segfault + 643
0xb7e082c8 _end + -1351250224
0xb71e5e38 _end + -1363973568
0x8447cf9 init_key_cache + 2425
0x84488c7 flush_key_blocks + 55
0x8420b75 mi_close + 293
0x81b6004 _Z8closefrmP8st_table + 164
0x81ae742 _Z18intern_close_tableP8st_table + 82
0x8451bf6 hash_delete + 470
0x81ae420 _Z19close_thread_tablesP3THDbb + 432
0x8190361 _Z16dispatch_command19enum_server_commandP3THDPcj + 337
0x81918bc _Z10do_commandP3THD + 140
0x819237c handle_one_connection + 2476
0xb7e0045b _end + -1351282589
0xb7c2724e _end + -1353220522

Help me please
Rashed Albloushi


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#2: Re: Mysqld died

Posted on 2009-01-11 11:30:42 by Valeriy Kravchuk

Hi Rashed,

> My mysqld process died and I don't know exactly why, could you please help
> me?

Please, send also your my.cnf and entire error log (compressed). I want
to check if we can identify the exact SQL statement that crashed your

Best regards,
Valeriy Kravchuk, MySQL Principal Support Engineer
Sun Microsystems, Inc.
Kiev, Ukraine,

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