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#1: connect to MySQL server use MySQL ODBC 6.1.3 Driver with ADO and VB .Net

Posted on 2010-01-20 07:44:33 by Kaspo Kaspo

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I want to know how to connect to MySQL server use MySQL ODBC 6.1.3 Driver w=
ith ADO and VB .Net I was try with Dim MyConString As String =3D=
"DRIVER=3D{MySQL ODBC 6.1.3 Driver};" & _=0A "SERVER=3Dlocalhost;" & =
_=0A "DATABASE=3Dtest;" & _=0A "UID=3Dvenu;" & _=0A "PASSWOR=
D=3Dvenu;" & _=0A "OPTION=3D3;" but error. Thx before. =0A =
Berselancar lebih cepat. Internet Explorer 8 yang dioptimalkan untuk Ya=
hoo! otomatis membuka 2 halaman favorit Anda setiap kali Anda membuka brows=
er. Dapatkan IE8 di sini! =0A

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