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#1: column display widths reported incorrectly, columns truncated on

Posted on 2010-03-10 23:04:45 by Brandon Valentine


I'm trying to use MyODBC to connect the UPS Worldship 2010 desktop
application to a MySQL 5.1.44 server. I am able to connect to the
server just fine, but when browsing the database the column display
widths show up incorrectly. For instance, a column defined in MySQL
as an int(11) shows up as an int(4). In fact, all integer columns
seem to be showing up as int(4). When the Worldship app tries to
insert into a table through MyODBC it appears to be truncating the
fields to the display width being reported for that column. The
inserts are failing because I have a foreign key constraint on one of
the columns that catches the truncated ID and doesn't permit the
insert. What I would like is to understand why the MyODBC driver is
misreporting the column widths and what might be done to present the
correct column widths to the application. I have tried the same
operation using MyODBC 3.51.27 as well as and both have the
same problem.

I have collected the myodbc.log, the output I get from Worldship, and
the MySQL describe output about the table I'm attempting to insert



Brandon D. Valentine

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