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#1: [ANNOUNCE] Apache-Reload 0.11

Posted on 2010-08-21 22:02:14 by Fred Moyer

Apache::Reload 0.11 has been shipped to CPAN, and will be appearing at
a mirror near you shortly.

md5: ec02f93aeef08f2d9e6734645a131a21

Thanks to the contributors who provided new features and bug fixes.
Summary of changes:

Ignore require-hooks which exist in %INC
[Ryan Gies <>]

Reloads by file, not module name
[Ryan Gies <>]

Add a no Apache::Reload directive which skips reloading for modules
that have it included (useful for Moose compatibility).
[Graham Barr, <>]

Add Empty NOTICE file
[Niko Tyni (Debian Perl Group) <>]

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