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#1: Forcefully disabling or changing the X-Forward-For when usingmod_proxy on HTTPD 2.2.3

Posted on 2010-10-07 16:34:37 by Brett Delle Grazie


I'm using HTTPD 2.2.3 (RHEL5, fully patched) with mod_proxy_http to a
HTTP based backend.

Is there any way to either:

1) Prevent the sending of the X-Forward-For header when proxying using
mod_proxy_http? I've tried the mod_headers RequestHeader unset
X-Forward-For directive but it doesn't appear to work in this case.

2) Force the address of the HTTPD proxy to be the IP in the
X-Forward-For header?

Any suggestions would be highly appreciated.


Best Regards,

Brett Delle Grazie

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