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#1: Is it possible to create a global namespace alias?

Posted on 2010-10-04 16:24:08 by Matt Palermo

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ï»=BFIs it possible to create a global namespace alias in PHP or =
does the alias have to be defined in EVERY file that I use? Here is an =

file: main.php
use \this\is\my\custom\namespace\Item as nsItem;

file: index.php
require_once â€=9Cmain.phpâ€=9D;

// Attempt to use namespace alias defined in main.php file

The above code doesnâ€=99t work for me. The namespace alias defined =
in the main.php file isnâ€=99t accessible in the index.php file. Is =
there a way to make the â€=9CnsItemâ€=9D alias a =
â€=9Cglobalâ€=9D one, so that I donâ€=99t have to define it =
in EVERY file that I want to use?


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