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#1: Corrupted TRG file?

Posted on 2010-12-21 18:41:53 by Jerry Schwartz

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Version 5.1.31 Community (Win32)


I created a trigger named TC_Products_Date_Trigger on the table =


I typed in=20


SHOW CREATE TRIGGER tc_products_date_trigger;


and this came back at me:


ERROR 1602 (HY000): Corrupted TRG file for table =


I almost jumped out of my skin. Then I typed in


SHOW CREATE TRIGGER TC_Products_Date_Trigger;


and that worked just fine. I didnâ€=99t find any bug reports that =
seemed relevant, but I canâ€=99t believe Iâ€=99m first one to =
stumble on this.




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