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#1: AUTO: Graeme Y Lawry/AU/PNTS/ICI is out of the office. (returning

Posted on 2011-03-30 01:01:56 by graeme.lawry

I will be out of the office starting 25/03/2011 and will not return until

If you have an urgent problem, please call the CSC HelpDesk on ext 2468,
they will be able to direct your call to someone who can help.
Otherwise, I will respond to your message as soon as I can on my return.

Note: This is an automated response to your message "ActivePerl Digest,
Vol 56, Issue 1" sent on 30/03/2011 6:00:02 AM.

This is the only notification you will receive while this person is away.

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This message is intended solely for the individual(s) and entity(s) addressed. It is confidential and may contain legally privileged information. The use, copying or distribution of this
message or any information it contains, by anyone other than the addressee, is prohibited. If you have received this message in error, please notify The mailbox address
from which this message has been sent is for business mail only. Mail sent to it may be subject to security scanning and delivery on non-business messages sent to this address may not occur.
Thank you.
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