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#1: Re: Re: [PHP] Which versions of Apache will PHP 5.3.6 work with??

Posted on 2011-04-06 23:48:03 by Pierre Joye

On Wed, Apr 6, 2011 at 6:54 PM, Logan L <> wrote:
> It might be ok with the security guys if the builds were released as
> official builds from the ASF courtesy of the apachelounge.
> I agree for personal development use, apachelounge might be ok. I have used
> them for local development in the past and was happy with them.

I strongly disagree. I will repeat it again: They are production ready
and we do support them. The src are the apache's ones and any bugs are
fixed there, not in some random repository. Apache does support vc9
from a build point of view, vc10 too. They simply don't give a damned
about windows builds.

> I think many companies will need some sort of industry support (an
> accredited organization like the ASF) behind the binaries. They can't come
> from some dude's website for web server enthusiasts. That level of risk is
> not acceptable.

Again, Apache does not provide any official builds, they don't plan
(as of today stand) to do so nor to move to anything else that what
they have now.

If security is the matter, then I wonder (reallly hardly wonder) why
in the world do you rely on VC6 builds until now. That's a mistery to

> I talked to Zend and their PHP 5.3 versions of Zend Server include a VC9
> compiled Apache, so that may be the direction we go. We are exploring our
> other options as well. Thanks for all the good info!

They use VC8 for their builds. not vc9. Anyway, if you use Zend
Server, please ask them for support, we don't support their builds.


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