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#1: regulator api

Posted on 2011-04-27 04:00:39 by Jojy Varghese

   I am not sure if the question belongs here (probably belon=
gs to
linux-power list which I didnt find). My questions is about the usage
of regulation_constraints. How do we initialize the constraints for a
regulator which needs to be powered on at boot time only?  I tried=
"always_on" flag but that seems to be causing "regulator_disable" to
bypass the call to regulator_ops->disable. I need to disable the
regulator, say during power off.
 Also if we turn on "has_full_constraints" for the board, any
regulator which is not "always_on" is disabled during initialization.
On the other hand, if the "has_full_constraints" is turned off, we get
warnings from the core.  So I am confused about the usage of the
regulator core API for the case of a regulator which needs to be
"enabled" only during init.

Thanks in advance,
Jojy G Varghese
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