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#1: Parsing words

Posted on 2011-07-13 18:59:20 by ron.piggott

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Hi Everyone.

Using the following query:

SELECT `topic` FROM `frequently_accessed_passages_of_scripture` WHERE =
`frequently_accessed_passages_of_scripture_theme_reference` =3D 1

I would like to parse all the words out of the column "topic" that are 4 =
characters long or more, in alphabetical order, separated by commas, =
removing all duplicate words. My desired output is:

$topic =3D "flower, garden, grass, plant";

Does mySQL have the capacity to do this? (If the query caused the =
result to be in an alias table so that is one word per line I could work =
with this adding the commas) Or do I need to do this within PHP? =20


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