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#1: Re: (newbie) Config under Windows

Posted on 2002-11-07 07:46:18 by Jim Walls

apache wrote:

> I have installed Apache(using the .msi) and I can view the webpage I
> have made on my local machine but I am unable to view them from a
> remote computer. I have read the faq and changed the settings for
> Listener and port from the 80 to 8000. I also made sure my firewall
> didn't restrict that port. I am running:Apache 2.0.43XP Home - NTFS I
> am attempting to do this using my dyndns account. So the domain name I
> am resolving came from Is there a special consideration
> there that I should be aware of?

I'm running my Apache under Win 2K Pro with a Dynamic DNS from
DNS2Go and it required no special attention to make it work that way. I
am curious why you are running the webpage on port 8000 rather than the
normal port 80? Since you are not run ning the "normal" port, you will
need to specify the port when attenpting to reach the website. I don't
know what you are running for a firewall, but if you are using one of
the home type routers (LinkSys for example), do you have the router
configured to forward port 8000 to the correct computer on the LAN side
of the router? Obviously if you are not using such a router, this does
not apply.
You said you can see the webpage on the local machine. By which one
(or more) of the following methods are you able to see the website:
1) Bring up a directory listing and double click on the html file
2) Type in the filename of the html file into a browser - i.e.
C:\Program Files\Apache Group\Apache2\htdocs\index.html
3) Type in the IP address of the website computer into a browser -
4) Type in the machine name of the website computer into a browser -
i.e. http://WebServer:8000
5) Type in the URL of the website into a browser - i.e.
6) Type in the current IP address for your website into a browser -
You will note that I specified the port 8000 in these examples because
you specified above that the website was on port 8000 rather than port

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