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Where does the trailing "/n" come from?
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chmod g+s file
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selectively add the end of the line
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MD5 checksums from downloaded pdfs to prevent duplication
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daemons, sockets and ssh
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need a little help with renaming files
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Shell audio oscilloscope journey
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Spaces in Csh Paths
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How to match two key words in a paragraph
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html to ascii conversion: quick google translate from the command line
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If you are good or expert in C shell please contact me i will pay for
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bash: best way to do tenary operator??
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parse a text file and extract everything before the ":" char
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let built-in doesn"t work as expected
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cd is not working as expectd
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Environment Files
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Help required:Awk Error
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let built-in doesn"t work as expected
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Can I pass the output of some command to two or more commands without
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