Reverse Proxying OWA

Reverse Proxying OWA

am 04.11.2004 21:51:31 von Adam Wenner

i know you have received a lot of mail regarding reverse proxying OWA, i =
have read all these and still have no luck, so i come to you, the experts

i set up a reverse proxy on one machine that is made to proxy multiple ho=
sts, therefore each host is contained in a virtual host, the one for exch=
ange is on port 443 (to allow https access to be proxied)

if i open a connection directly to my exchange server at https://exchange=

i am presented with a login prompt

when i open a connection to the reverse proxy with

i am given an error reading=20
"The connection to revproxyip has unexpectedly terminated" in firefox (ie=
simply gives me a 404 error page)

the exchange server is not using NTLM authentication because of problems =
with proxying that

the conf file for the 443 virtual host is contained below

#exchange stuff

=09ProxyPass /
#=09ProxyPass /exchange/
=09ProxyPassReverse /
#=09ProxyPassReverse /exchange/
#=09ProxyHTMLURLMAP /exchange/

#=09RewriteEngine On

=09#security features to help aleviate security issues with IIS

=09#only valid exchange URL's allowed
#=09RewriteRule ^/public([a-zA-Z0-9/._-]*)$ =09https://gcexchange01.guilf=$1=09[P]
#=09RewriteRule ^/exchweb([a-zA-Z0-9/._-]*)$=09https://gcexchange01.guilf=$1=09[P]
#=09RewriteRule ^/exchange/([a-zA-Z0-9/._-]*)$=09https://gcexchange01.gui=$1=09[P]


the commented out rewrite rules will be uncommented, i just wanted to mak=
e sure they were not the problem

this apache server is v2.0.52 and has mod_ssl installed with no changes t=
o the SSL conf, is this where i have to change something

thanks for your help, cause im kinda clueless at this point

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