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#1: LocationMatch, mod_dav and module configuration

Posted on 2004-11-23 17:28:37 by Marc Lalonde


I'm currently installing a Subversion server (which uses apache +
mod_dav for network communication) and I ran into a problem maybe due to
apache. If I use the LocationMatch directive for specifying allowable
project directories instead of the standard approach (using Location),
my svn client that says the requested directory doesn't exist, but the
problem is that 'something' prepended the encoding of the regexp to the
actual directory, say: (%5E/%5B%5Ec%5D.*)/foo instead of /foo. I added
traces to httpd/modules/main/mod_dav.c and they show that the argument
'dir' to the function dav_create_dir_config contains the actual regexp
instead of a directory and thus breaks the initialization of the
subversion mod_dav module. Is this behavior acceptable? Or should
LocationMatch or Location ~ be forbidden when using mod_dav?



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