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#1: Config Apache on Windows XP Home Edition to run ASP.NET for VB.Net

Posted on 2005-03-15 07:48:46 by Aku

I am trying to make Apache recognize my applications.
I cannot install iis under Windows XP Home(2003).
Apache has installed fine. I downloaded the mod_aspdotnet-2.0.0.msi,
and tried an install. It keeps stopping the install on..."C:\Program
Files\Apache Group\Apache\
is not a valid path to an instance of Apache". This is my Apache directory!
Does it not like XP Home either? I have both a Visual Studio VB.Net
install and the WebMatrix.
The is a nicer editor. I did read something about making iis
install under XP Home by
adding some dll2 files. This sounds a bit iffy. I depend too much on
this machine to attempt a
possible sabotage. And this machine did not come with the XP Home (2003)
install Cd's. A Sony Vaio.
I do have an XP Professional install CD(2000). I attempted an upgrade
and it will not b/c this version
of XP Home (2003) is newer than XP Professional(2000). A conundrum.

If I managed to get this installed, then I will still need to configure
Apache. The website
is a little difficult to understand.

Thanks in advance, Aku

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#2: re:Config Apache on Windows XP Home Edition to run ASP.NET for

Posted on 2005-03-27 13:00:56 by Vlad

you can unpack the .MSI file and just grab the .so Module and add the
directives to your httpd.conf file

there is also a file named Apache.Web.dll in the msi archive that is
probably required

there is a plugin for total
commander that allows you to treat msi files like regular archives
and you can use it to unpack the files

see for more info

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