Money making plan

Money making plan

am 17.11.2005 10:58:30 von Kyle

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Hello  I got this email from a trusted source, someone that I do ebay business with. I have never in my life done anything like this, but you know what, this plan will definitely work if followed properly and the only investment anyone that participates will ever have is $5.00 sent to a paypal account. Everyone loves to get extra income instead of iving paycheck to paycheck with no extra money to save for a rainy day.  I been burn by other programs, but I thought I would give this one a chance since it is from a fellow ebayer.  $5.00 is a lot for me, but meybe it just might be the one to work.  I am hoping and praying that you will follow through ans this can be a blessing to many. So,,,,,,,,,,,,,please consider this very carefully following through on this and I wishl all of you the best. 

Hi Guys n Gals,
Now we all want to make money by doing nothing. But usually there is no way to do this. Well I was enlighted by another ebay member about this awesome little project. I would normally never do something like this, but this one actually works. This will be the only email I send you, so don’t freak out that I am going to start spamming you with a bunch of crap. I just want to give you the chance that was given to me! So lets start  HAVING FUN AND MAKING MONEY!!$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ Starting below, is the original email to me! Enjoy: Hi there although I am as skeptical as the next person, I think it
might just be worth a try - have had a few of these emails and not everyone
can be full of crap so thought I'd join the band-wagon!!! Hope I'm not
too late!!

I don't normally believe in this kind of thing, (probably like you too)
but it came from a very trusted source so I thought it was worth the $5
PayPal payment... and it's a bit of fun. I've given it a go...fingers

You may have seen an email floating around about making huge amounts of
money through your PayPal account? Whether you have or not, I'm sending
you this to tell you that the scheme actually works and PayPal has
actually admitted its legal!

Please read on and see what you think. If you want to participate,
please just copy this email, replace my message with your own and send it
to all your contacts


Before we go any further I would like you to know straight away that
this will cost you $5 and about 20 minutes of your time. If you are still
interested please read on.

Now I am not promising that you are going to make $$$$$'s in 30 days
but I must admit the odds look excellent, and the 2nd excellent thing
about this business plan is that it can be done by anyone, anywhere in the
world and your total investment stays at just $5 - EVER.

These are some of the emails and proof that I came across which finally
me decide that I wanted to try this.

"What an amazing plan. I followed the instructions just 3 weeks ago,
and although I haven't made 10 grand yet, I am already up to $6,135. I am
absolutely gob smacked" - Alan Humphries, Leicester

"Well what can I say? I sent out 40 emails like the plan said then I
just forgot about the whole thing. To be honest, I didn't really think
anything would come of it, but I checked my PayPal account a week later
and there was over $3000.00 in it!!! After 30 days I now have over
$11,000 to spend"- Lisa McDonald, Northampton

"I was shocked when I saw how much money came flooding into my PayPal
account. Within 3 weeks my account balance has ballooned to $7,449. At
first I thought there had been some kind of error!" - Richard Barrie,

Well that's it. I hope that you decide to go ahead with it. If you
decide that this isn't for you I wish you all the best in the future and
please remember you can always pass it on even if you don't wish to do it


the first thing you need to do is send a $5.00 payment from your PayPal
account to the FIRST email address in the list below, along with a note
saying "PLEASE ADD ME TO YOUR LIST". Instructions on how to send a
payment are under "SEND MONEY" at the PayPal site. It is very easy.  If you don't have a paypal account you can always sign up for one for free.
When you signup for PayPal, you can start accepting credit card payments instantly. As the world's number one online payment service, PayPal is the fastest way to open your doors to over 78 million member accounts worldwide. Best of all, it's completely free to sign up! To sign up or learn more, copy and paste this web address onto you web browser search bar  to go to it  

The current list is:

copy and paste this page (and make any necessary changes) Remove the
email address that you have paid from the number 1 spot, move all the
others up a space, and insert your own email address in the number 4 spot
Then send the page to as many people as you can. A good way is to send
it to all the people in your PayPal history. (GO TO HISTORY TAB AND




When you send out your email, your email address will initially be at
No 4 on the list. That is the best position that you can be in if you
want to earn serious money. The response rate for this program is much
higher than any typical email marketing campaign for a number of reasons,
which are explained later on. As long as you send out your emails to
people whom are likely to be interested in this program, then on average
you can expect a response of around 25%. But let's be extremely
conservative and assume that the average response rate is 10%! If you send
out your 40 emails, you can expect at least 4 of those people to do
exactly what you did (10% of 40 = 4 people). By the time your email
address will have moved up to No 3 in the list, and this list will now
have reached around 200 people (3 people x 40 emails = 120 people).

Out of those 120 people, you can expect at least 25 of them to
participate (10% of 120 =12  people) so you are now reaching around 1000
people (12 people x 40 emails = 480) and you are now at No 2 on the list.

Out of those 480 people, you can expect at least 48 of them to
participate (10% of 480 = 48 people) so you are now reaching around 48 people (48 people x 40 emails =1920) and you are now at No 2 on the
list. Out of those 1920 people, you can expect at least 192 of them to
participate (10% of 1920= 192 people) so you are now reaching around 
1920 people (192 people x 40 emails = 7680) and you are now at No 1
on the list.

Out of 7680 people, you can expect at least 768 of them to
participate (10 of 7680 = 768 people) so since you are at the No 1 spot you
can expect to receive around about $3,840 (768 people x $5.00 =

So when your name hit's the No 1 spot, it will be YOUR turn to collect
the money.

Over the course of 30 days, this money will be sent to you by a few
thousand people just like yourself, who are willing to invest $5.00 and 20
minutes of their time to receive around $3,000 or more in cash. The
first payments will arrive within a few days and then they will continue
at the
rate of about 100 payments per day for about 30 days (obviously this
will depend on how quickly you act and how quickly people take you up on
this offer and then pass it on). After that time, the volume of
payments begin to taper off as your email is removed from the No 1 position.

That's all you need to do! There will be around $3,000 in $5.00
payments waiting for you in your PayPal account within the next few weeks.
$3,000 for just 30 minutes work! This is real money that you can spend
on anything you wish! Just deposit it to your own bank account or spend
directly from your PayPal account!!! It's just that easy!!! I think it’s
WORTH IT, don't you?

Remember, the 10% example above is assuming that 36 out of the 40
people you send your email to will do absolutely nothing except delete
your email. However, if you follow the plan correctly and send your
emails only to people who are likely to want to participate, you can expect
a typical response-rate of around 20%. Hence, the 10% example is only
given as a worst case scenario. Additionally, the above example assumes
that each participant will only send out 40 emails. Imagine what would
happen if each participant sent out 1,000 emails instead of just 40!
Believe me; many people will do this and much more!

Unlike many other MLM programs, this 4-LEVEL PROGRAM costs you only
$5.00, which is much more realistic and provides much, much faster results.
Only the first person on the list gets your 5.00 gift, but everyone in
the list will rise to that Number 1 position as thousands of emails are
being sent out. No cheating can occur (don't be fooled by claims that
this system can be cheated) as PayPal only allows one account per
person. Because it is so easy, the response rate is VERY HIGH and VERY FAST -
Internet email FAST, and you will start seeing dramatic results in less
than one week!


Thank you and good luck in your venture. Why not give it a go!!

PS. You can download your PayPal history as an MS Excel file; this is a
great way to quickly access all your stored email address's from your
PayPal transactions, to send this email on
to other people.