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#1: dbf2mysql

Posted on 2003-12-28 17:21:14 by mayur.khandelwal

Hi all,

I want to insert several dbf files into a mysql table and am trying to
use the dbf2mysql program for windows (the one written by Alexander
Eltsyn and using a pink bear icon) and am having trouble. When I run
the GUI version, I have no problems. However, when I run the
command-line based version, which I'll need to automate the loading of
all my tables, I cannot simply append the data from the dbf file. No
matter how I set the parameters, all of the data previously held in the
table is getting dropped.

Should I try to debug the code? I don't have access to a compiler for
Windows so I don't want to try editing the code.

Any guidance would be appreciated - I've spent several days trying to
get a reasonable solution and haven't had much luck.


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#2: RE: dbf2mysql

Posted on 2003-12-28 18:21:19 by Tom Horstmann

> I want to take the union of several thousand tables. Is there an easy
> way to take the union of a large set of tables in mysql?

Is what you want to do?
Since i did not use them before, i can?t tell you to much about

Is that why you import your dbf-data to mysql?



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