Memory leak libmysqlclient_r (ref #7619)

Memory leak libmysqlclient_r (ref #7619)

am 25.01.2006 17:37:44 von Marcus Grando

MySQL Developers,

Exists one memory leak in libmysqlclient_r (my_thread_global_init()).

my_thread_global_init() call pthread_key_create(). If sucessfull, to
destroy memory allocated by pthread_key_create() need call
pthread_key_delete(). In fact my_end()->my_thread_global_end() do it.
But mysql_close() never call my_end(). In first look i think that
my_end() need to be called in mysql_close_free() [sql-common/client.c].
But it's only what i think.

Any idea how to solve this?


Marcus Alves Grando
marcus(at) | Grupos Internet S/A
mnag(at) |

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