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#1: Problem with Installing the Certicate Service on WIN2K3

Posted on 2006-03-18 22:33:26 by Kevin

I tried to install the Certificate Services with the stand alone CA on a
Windows Server 2003 Enterprise box without any luck. I did this twice with
the same outcome.

The installations went through without any error, but the certificate
service won't start. The event log says "Certificate Services did not start:
Unable to initialize the database connection for XYZ. Catastrophic failure
Unexpected method call sequence. 0x8000ffff (-2147418113)." Clicking on the
link in the event did not help because there is nothing related to that
event (source: CertSvc and ID:17).

I checked %systemroot%system32\certlog folder, and did not see anything.
This is the folder where the database (.edb) and log file are supposed to
reside. My understanding is that after install, the database should be in
that folder.

specifics about the machine. It has dual boots: win2k server on C:\ and
win2k3 on E:\. Both have the latest update.

Any helpful tip will be appreciated!


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