Need to add a batch of users at once

Need to add a batch of users at once

am 26.10.2006 06:21:03 von Frank Reichenbacher

*Not cross-posted in microsoft.public.frontpage*
I first posted to that group, then remembered this fp.extensions.unix group.

In any case, I need a password-protected subweb that allows users to enter
membership organization's standard membership number as the password with
their email address (or possibly some common user name, such as 'member') as
the user name. The organization has over 600 members which makes FP's method
of adding one user at a time rather time consuming.

User names and their groups are stored in /_vti_pvt/service.grp and user
names with their encrypted passwords are stored in service.pwd. Surely there
must be a way to fudge a whole bunch of user names and passwords in there by
editing the files and uploading via ftp. Right? BTW, I can telnet.

I've come across a few references to asp applications that could probably do
what I want, but my FP sites are running on UNIX boxes.

Thanks in advance for the help!