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#1: Re: CAM: :PDF problems with

Posted on 2007-03-14 23:33:32 by Bill Luebkert

Phil Richcreek wrote:
>>command line option should probably
>>be --renderer=CAM::PDF::Renderer::Text.
> That was the problem.
>>your command line doesn't look right
> Yes, although it appeared to be more-or-less working. The improperly
> positioned "1" command line page number seemed to "work", but in fact it was
> probably being ignored, and since the input file had only 1 page, I had not
> noticed that yet. The output was going to the console instead of my output
> file. I just needed to add the ">" redirection symbol.

You could also just modify the script line 51 from :
eval "require $opts{renderer}"; ## no critic for string eval
eval "require CAM::PDF::Renderer::$opts{renderer}"; ## no critic for string eval
and do it the way you wanted to.
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