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#1: Page content duplicated in shared borders

Posted on 2007-03-17 00:26:43 by Phil Steer

When I publish my website using FP2003 the borders (top and bottom) display
the page content rather than the border content (so that the page content
appears 3 times on the page).

After extensive experimentation I have discovered that the problem depends
upon the size of the original border HTML files (as held within the _borders
folder within FrontPage).

If the border file is 256 bytes or less then there is no problem - the
border displays correctly when published.

If, however, the border file is more than 256 bytes (even by a single
character) then the border contains the page content when published.

You can see this demonstrated at

The top and bottom border files are identical, except that the bottom border
file has one extra character added to the border content. The top border
displays correctly; the bottom border does not.

Before discovering the above I had pointed my hosting provder in the
direction of the following KB article about shared borders being displayed
incorrectly on UNIX servers:;en-us;Q299 360

Their response was that the use FPE 5.0 and so this did not apply.

I would be very grateful if someone could suggest a resolution to this
problem. Many thanks.

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