Seriously Disruptive DBA Needed!!!!!!!!! - London, United Kingdom

Seriously Disruptive DBA Needed!!!!!!!!! - London, United Kingdom

am 23.08.2007 22:22:06 von james benjamin

Hi, I work for a mobile technology company in London.

We are looking to recruit a MySQL DBA.

The world of the enterprise DBA is changing, be part of it. Like it or
not, open source technology is making serious inroads into the
enterprise environment. Justifying the purchase of a heavyweight RDBMS
with it's associated overhead, when credible Open Source alternatives
exist, is getting harder and harder. Our client positively welcomes this
change. Without it, they wouldn't exist.. Having said this, business
models may be changing, but operational requirements are not. Although
they are committed to Open Source, they are more passionately committed
to their service, their subscribers, and not being woken up at
unsociable hours of the morning. Our client is hiring a DBA to be part
of it's Engineering team. This is both a production support and
development role that requires architect grade thinking. They are a
small team of open source and telephony experts, many with a track
record of contribution to Open Source projects - That's the disruptive
part. The serious part is their focus on quality of service,
sustainability and our global aspirations. Your CV will tell a credible
story that involves successful implementations at an enterprise scale.
Your focus will be on service delivery and sustainability, not be a
simple "shopping list" of products and acronyms (our client are smart
people, and their attention span is short). You will bring to our client
mature DBA skills to bear on a rapidly growing environment. If you agree
that the world is changing, and want to be right at the forefront of
these changes, we need to talk. Whether you're a seasoned Oracle DBA who
doesn't know their INNODB from their MyISAM, or a hardcore MySQL DBA
with contributions to the code base, our client wants to hear from you.

Our client is in a position to offer an exceptional basic - they want
quality people and that´s why I am working with them - to source them
quality and exceptional candidates not only for this role but several
others that they are recruiting for.=20

Perhaps we could speak?

Thanks James



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