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#1: FAQ 7.28 How do I clear a package?

Posted on 2007-10-24 21:03:02 by PerlFAQ Server

This is an excerpt from the latest version perlfaq7.pod, which
comes with the standard Perl distribution. These postings aim to
reduce the number of repeated questions as well as allow the community
to review and update the answers. The latest version of the complete
perlfaq is at .

------------------------------------------------------------ --------

7.28: How do I clear a package?

Use this code, provided by Mark-Jason Dominus:

sub scrub_package {
no strict 'refs';
my $pack = shift;
die "Shouldn't delete main package"
if $pack eq "" || $pack eq "main";
my $stash = *{$pack . '::'}{HASH};
my $name;
foreach $name (keys %$stash) {
my $fullname = $pack . '::' . $name;
# Get rid of everything with that name.
undef $$fullname;
undef @$fullname;
undef %$fullname;
undef &$fullname;
undef *$fullname;

Or, if you're using a recent release of Perl, you can just use the
Symbol::delete_package() function instead.

------------------------------------------------------------ --------

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are not necessarily experts in every domain where Perl might show up,
so please include as much information as possible and relevant in any
corrections. The perlfaq-workers also don't have access to every
operating system or platform, so please include relevant details for
corrections to examples that do not work on particular platforms.
Working code is greatly appreciated.

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