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#1: PHP Developers Required

Posted on 2007-11-03 16:31:07 by Paul

We are looking for two PHP developers (1 senior & 1 junior).

You will be assisting with new development, bug fixes, installs and
the like on a new product that is being funded by a large global
financial company and is approaching production. This is a great time
to join the current, small, team.

This is a work-from-whereever-you-want position, but you may be asked
to come to a meeting maybe once a week, maybe once a month - all
depends on how things are going. As long as you can make it to the
meeting on-time and without taking hours and hours to get there, you
can work in a cave for all we care *BUT* you must live in the US,
legally, and you should be in the Northeast.

As an independent contractor, you won't get any benefits. Nada. Just
a daily rate. For now - other options may open themselves up in the

You *must*:

* Be able to write clean, fast, secure, PHP code using OO techniques
and have been doing it for at least 4 years (2 years for junior).

* Understand the myriad of security vulnerabilities that can be
exposed in web applications (SQL injection, XSS etc) and how to
prevent them.

* Understand SQL to an advanced level (transactions, optimizing
queries, joins, subselects etc).

* Understand and are able to use SVN or CVS.

* Be able to download, and compile various software (PHP/MySQL/various
libs) using gcc, make etc.

* Be within comfortable meeting distance of Hampstead, NH (about 1
hour from Boston, MA) for when a dev meeting is required.

* Be able to occasionally travel domestically and overseas to assist
with installations.

* Have a fast, reliable internet connection, wherever you choose to

* Be comfortable working in geographically diverse teams - you may
never see your colleagues in person.

Bonus points for:

* Experience with any of: MySQL Replication, MySQL Cluster, Oracle,
Microsoft SQL Server, Load Balancing Methodology, Disaster Recovery,
Zend Platform & Zend Guard.

Do not apply if:

* Your idea of working from home means less work, more Halo 3.
* You think Microsoft is the solution to everything.
* You rely on magic_quotes to handle all that security 'stuff' for
* You're knowledge of SQL is limited to SELECT col FROM table;
* You don't know the difference between MyISAM & InnoDB.
* You write PHP happily all day along but don't use OO.
* You're not 100% comfortable using a Unix variant

To apply, please send:

* Covering note
* Resume (plain text or MS Word)
* An example of *your* work, in PHP, using OO techniques
* Day rate requirements
* Which position you are applying for, senior or junior

To: paul at stinkhound dot com.

No recruiters, agencies or development houses please.

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