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#1: displaying results vertically

Posted on 2007-11-21 21:31:01 by Chris

Hi hope someone can help I am trying to display a special offers page that I
want to display the results vertically down the page but it is displaying
horizontally and being cut off. I can resolve this by entering

several times before the </form> "); but im not happy with this is there
another way I have never had a problem before but this has stumped me.

function display_offers(){
global $id_link;
print (" <tr>
<td class=\"text\">To find out more information regards any of our
special offers please enter your details against the relevant offer below
and click submit </td>
<td height=\"25\"><hr width=\"80%\" size=\"1\" noshade=\"noshade\"
$sql= "select * from offers where offer_status = 'y' ORDER BY offer_id
$result = mysql_query($sql, $id_link);
if ($result){
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($result)){
print ("
<form name=\"form1\" id=\"form1\" method=\"post\" action=\"\">
<table width=\"100%\" border=\"0\" align=\"left\" cellpadding=\"3\"
<td width=\"60%\" class=\"largeGreenBold\">$row[offer_title]</td>
<td width=\"40%\"class=\"textsmall\">
<input name=\"name\" type=\"text\" id=\"name\" />
<td rowspan=\"4\" valign=\"top\" class=\"textsmall\">$row[offer_text]
<td><input name=\"pcode\" type=\"text\" id=\"pcode\" />
Post Code</td>
<td><input name=\"house_no\" type=\"text\" id=\"house_no\" />
House Number</td>
<td><input name=\"eml_addr\" type=\"text\" id=\"eml_addr\" />
Email address</td>
<td><input name=\"tel\" type=\"text\" id=\"tel\" />
Telephone Number</td>
<td valign=\"top\">&nbsp;</td>
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"action\" value=\"submit\" />
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"offer_id\"
value=\"$row[offer_id]\" />
<input type=\"hidden\" name=\"offer\" value=\"$row[offer]\" />
<input name=\"Submit\" type=\"submit\" class=\"buttonText\"
value=\"Submit\" />

<td colspan=\"2\" valign=\"top\"><hr width=\"80%\" /></td>


</form> ");

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