New host needed

New host needed

am 24.11.2007 15:34:26 von Laphan

Hi All

We've had a Fasthosts reseller account for quite a few years now and have
been relatively happy until now.

Unfortunately they've started to push out MySQL DBs (I think 4.2.x or 5)
that don't work very well with classic ASP and basically said you can
b*$£*"s if it don't work with your apps.

In which case, we do not wish to pander to the FHosts machine anymore and
are looking for a new host.

Bearing in mind what the Windows based FHosts reseller account can provide,
can anybody suggest a better host?

Please note we were stung badly by 2 'from the attic' ISPs before so we
don't want to go down that route anymore.