Re: GETS and POSTS (followup)

Re: GETS and POSTS (followup)

am 17.01.2008 03:23:26 von ML

> Hi,
> I've got a unique situation I need some advice on. I have a program
> that reads a webpage, and strips all the html out of it to make each link
> something like :
> 2245er
(GET - Doesn't work)
(POST - Works)
> Is there a way I can uniformly get what I need, regardless of a
> GET or a POST?
When I did my original testing, I was thinking it was going to
send it as : 2245er?email=TEST1&submit=Send

But it doesn't, apparently it chops off my original :


Is there some way I can form the URL so that a browser wouldn't
replace it?

Thanks, Tuc