Geminisoft Pimmy 4.2

Geminisoft Pimmy 4.2

am 19.01.2008 23:27:57 von Angelo Donatiello

Hello everybody.

We are proud to announce the publishing of Pimmy 4.2 final version,
available on our web site

The upgrade is completely *free* to all owners of a Pimmy 4.0 or Pimmy 4.1


Pimmy 4.2 is available in 2 editions (setup and portable), initially in 2
languages (Italian and English) and can be installed over Pimmy 4.0 and
Pimmy 4.1.

IMPORTANT: please carefully read the note at the beginning of the "What's
new" chapter in particular for Pimmy 4.0 users

The following are some of the new features of Pimmy 4.2 compared to Pimmy
4.1. The full list is available on our web site.

- Groups in the address book
- Advanced search in all folders
- Search for unread messages
- Improved accessibility of several windows
- Filters based upon messages
- New filter management window

In addition the following important corrections have been made.

- Expanding a ZIP file with password could truncate files bigger than 16KB.
Under certain conditions the operation hung the program.
- ZIP file expansion treated the time of the contained files as UTC instead
of local.


We look forward to receiving remarks and suggestions from you.

Thank you very much. Bye.

-angelo & antonio-