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#1: "Error: Connection Error" when connecting to WSUS 3.0 (on IIS) via

Posted on 2008-01-29 09:48:00 by YuriGMT1

Hi there,

I get the above error message when I try to open the WSUS 3.0 console on the
WSUS server (W2K3). It worked fine before.

The problem occurred when I was testing on this production server (stupid
me, I know, I know). I added tsweb for testing purposes on the same machine.
Normally no problem, but I did more. I changed security settings in IIS to
tighten the security. Actions done:
- connect to IIS
- go to Default Web Site properties
- go to Directory Security and choose Edit in the ‘Authentication and access
control’ section.
- in this screen I deselect ‘Enable anonymous access’

From this moment I was not able to use the default web site, which contains:
- default website
- wsus
- tsweb

I reversed the action by selecting ‘Enable anonymous access’. Later I
discovered that I had to re-enable security via the Home Directory tab as
well. I had to enable Read and Directory browsing access.
By doing this, tsweb and the default website where accessible again. But not
WSUS. I get the error I specified above.

I think it has to do with IIS, or ntfs directory security, but I have not
enough IIS knowledge to solve this issue. Is somebody able to push me into
the right direction?

At the moment I’m unable to control my WSUS environment.


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