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#1: SSLProxyEngine & SSLEngine

Posted on 2008-03-05 16:39:20 by Mathieu.Drouin


I'm trying to get an outbound HTTPS request to be relayed by apache to a
remote server in the following manner.

Servlet sitting on Backend Server (Tomcat) -> Proxy Server (Apache) ->
Remote Server

The communication between the proxy server and the remote server has to
be HTTPS and the certificate that I have currently sits on the proxy

I seem to have hit a dead end and I was wondering if any of you could
help me.

Ideally, I'd like to be sending an HTTP request to Apache who then
encrypts the request for the remote server, but from what I have read
that is not possible. The request has to be encrypted for the
SSLProxyEngine to relay it.

Another option that I was looking at was having a self-signed
certificate for communication between the backend server and the proxy
server and having the proxy server re-encrypt the request with another
certificate to the remote server. Again, it seems like we can only
specify 1 certificate with the SSLProxyEngine directives.

Finally my last option was that the backend server encrypts the outbound
request using the same certificate found on the Proxy Server, I use the
SSLProxyEngine on the proxy server to forward that request to the remote
server. Unfortunately, because of the Common Name in the certificate I
doubt that the same certificate can sit on 2 different machines.

Are my assumptions correct or is there something I haven't considered?



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